• Note Below Points very carefully:


1. Course registration and fees must be paid before the start of the course. On a first-come, first-served basis, seats are limited.

2. There will be only 1 demo class in any course.


  1. Unless otherwise stated, no course or material is eligible for a discount.

2. If the Academy cancels a course, students will get a refund for all monies paid.

3. The Sherdil Learning Portal (LMS) does not offer any discounts.

4. All students are asked to provide payment by the 10th of every month, failing which, the mentioned below services will be discontinued.

  •    – Class & WhatsApp Access
  •    – Learning Portal
  •    – Exam Portal & Cloud Console

5. A student’s access will be suspended if he fails to pay any installment.

6. The on-site registration fee is a fixed amount of PKR 12,000 and is non-refundable.


1. Every student’s attendance is carefully tracked. To take the final exam administered by the Sherdil team and to receive a Sherdil IT Academy training certificate, students must have a 75% attendance rate.

2. For any anticipated or unanticipated causes, all instructors have the authority to reschedule or cancel any class. The course will be finished on specific dates in the calendar.

3. Google Meet meetings are used to deliver online classes.

4. Access to AWS and other cloud consoles will only be available for two days following the session. (For instance, if your session is on Sunday, students will have access every week until Tuesday.)

5. All regular course announcements will be made according to Pakistan time (UTC+5).

6. Students must decide whether they want to continue the batch in the first demo class. The academy won’t refund the fee if the student doesn’t give any notice in the first demo class.

7. If you paid completely or in installments before the course began and decided to drop out after taking the first demo class, your entire payment will be reimbursed.


1. You are only allowed to repeat the course once at 20% off.  You will not be eligible for course revision if you previously took the course more than a year ago, and you will be required to pay the full cost of the course.

2. Sherdil IT Academy has the right to make any changes to the course timings or schedule without any prior notice. These adjustments will be done before the start of the new batch so that the students won’t experience any scheduling issues.

3. The student has no right to hold his batch. He can review all the upcoming lectures from the LMS if he decides to withdraw from the course for whatever reason.


1. All content available on the Sherdil Learning Portal (LMS) is private and cannot be downloaded. It is advised that students not obtain permission from management/instructors to download training materials.

2. All enrolled students receive lifetime access to the Sherdil Learning Portal (LMS). They have access to digital documents through it.

3. Send your suggestions & feedback to training@sherdil.org through email. WhatsApp groups are not the appropriate place for sharing or criticizing any instructors. A student will not be allowed to join the WhatsApp community group if they are found engaging in such behavior.

4. The course you select may not cover 100% of the actual exam requirements of a certain vendor, but it does cover the majority of the certification you are enrolling in.  Before enrolling in any course, you must first visit the course outline and ensure that you are entirely satisfied with it.

5. The LMS fee will not be refunded. If you buy it at random or as part of an offer and then decide to join the following batch, the price you paid will be adjusted there.


1. If a student is absent or leaves the lecture in the middle of it, the instructor is not responsible for covering the contents.

2. In the case of a student’s absence, recorded videos will be available in the LMS.

3. If a student is present at the time of attendance but doesn’t stay for the entire session, the instructor is not responsible for any losses.


1. Students have to pay a 5% extra amount in case of submitting fees from outside Pakistan.


1. Incase a student quits from the course in-between, he will have to send us an email at training@sherdil.org only in that case the remaining fee will be refunded.

2. No refunds will be issued for the lump sum payment if an individual withdraws from the batch mid-session. However, if someone opts for the installment plan and decides to discontinue the training, they will be eligible for a partial refund.

3. In the event that the Academy discontinues a course, any fees paid by the student will not be refunded for the classes already attended.

4. To request a refund, submit your form at refund.sherdil.org (click here)

Conditions for refund:

  •     –  The refund fee will be calculated from the day we receive your email.
  •     –  If the student did not attempt the classes but informs us after the course is completed, in that case there will be no refund.

All students are responsible for their own careers. You are paying from your own pocket and you should take the most advantage of the time and effort we are offering you. Team Sherdil focuses on helping students to get the most out of the courses offered, but if the students are not serious about taking the course and want to waste their time and money, it is entirely the student’s choice.


Team Sherdil