Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

● Individual Cloud training will help you to work on any specific cloud vendor of your choice.

● Multi-cloud training will help you to gain skills in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Alibaba Cloud.

We’re one of the best academies in Pakistan for DevOps & Multi-cloud training. All instructors have full command of what they deliver and their working experience speaks. we support each student and maintain balance among all.

It is difficult to decide which certification holds more value; since AWS holds most of the public cloud market share with an increasing growth rate of 49%. AWS certifications are of significant value. Also, Microsoft and Google are well-known giants in the tech industry, they are growing their strength in the cloud war by providing more enterprise-focused solutions. Alibaba cloud is newer than these three, but their offerings are more for start-ups and small business-oriented. For that reason, Alibaba cloud is also gaining ground in the market.

You cannot make sure which cloud service your company/client is using. If you want to become entrepreneur & freelancer, we would suggest becoming a market-ready Multi-cloud Professional

● Being a network/system admin, you will be able to help companies make systems more secure, scalable and automated. Cloud systems enable you to maintain data integrity and data recovery. You already have Network designing & Microsoft/Linux administration experience. So If you complete this course you can easily work on the Multi-cloud platform & start deploying network/system services with integration of your on-premises datacenter.

● After completing a Multi-cloud course based on 10months, you will be able to design, deploy & manage all 3 clouds from 0 to hero. You can work also as a freelancer on Fiverr & Upwork in your free time & earn for yourself, not for your company 🙂

We provide online live training via Google Meet.

Yes anytime, there are multiple ways to contact us.

Please check the terms and conditions for refund policy

● Yes, you can. People working in the field of IT are very well aware of the competition in today’s marketplace. To be the best fit in the current market scenario, you need to have an edge over others. If I can do why not you. Think, Learn & earn.

● But If you are new in IT field we would recommend you to complete this basic course from any academy/institute/online to start your career in Cloud computing & DevOps
○ Network & IT fundamentals
○ CCNA (Only training)
○ Server administration.

● The below-mentioned course is recommended for your cloud computing career but you can do either before or after the Multi-cloud course.
○ Linux + / RHCSA

There is no eligibility. The only requirement is a basic computer and networking understanding. It could be done by a non-technical person as well. Check the details answer in the above-mentioned question I am new in IT Field? Can I join this course?

● With the recent developments, now is the best time to start a career in cloud computing. It is still new, therefore it can provide you the competence that you are looking for. Better to prepare yourself for future market saturation where companies will start to transition traditional IT infrastructure to Multi-cloud infrastructure. in that case, you not only save your job but your salary will increase as the company would not require to hire a cloud engineer. you will already know all the infrastructure + cloud so no one will be better than you.

● A most common example is COVID-19, where companies a physical infrastructure are shutdown & employees, are losing their job. ON the other hand, companies having cloud engineers & cloud infrastructure are allowed their employees to work from home. In that case, you can not only save your job but the company will give you extra rewards & you will have extra time to learn new things without worry about your job & salary issues which other employees are facing across the world.

● Technical sales
● Sales & marketing field
● CTO/ Directors/ Project managers
● Any person who doesn’t involve in day to day operations.

The best certification for these domain experts is AWS Cloud practitioner.

● For course outline & details visit

● Check out our free video lectures & demo sessions on our YouTube channel

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We can hold your course and you can join again in our next batch online (Only).

We provide all kinds of topic related slides, videos, audios, practice questions, deployment scenarios & much more.

Academy will provide each student a cloud account user for hands-on practice. Access will be available throughout the class and for an additional two days afterward.

No, it’s included in each course fee.

Yea, lab access will be available throughout the class and for an additional two days afterward.

Practice labs are provided by us on our account, meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to access them and you don’t need to sign up your own account till training completion. You can use the practice labs anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection.

Payment plan based on lumpsum OR in multiple installments. For detail, visit our website.

● Learners work at their own pace – estimated duration per course is 50 hours. Your completion depends on the individual course and on how much time you dedicate to your studies.

● Learners have up to 10 months to complete their multi-cloud course.

All prerecorded videos and audio available on our LMS which will help to perform missed labs.

● The exam fee is excluded from the course fee.

● International exams can be taken at any time at a Pearson Vue Testing Centre in your area.

  • We can guarantee that training & certification opens doors to interviews, giving you opportunities to stand out from the rest. We don’t promise job guarantee & exam passing after course completion.
  • Yes, but we promise everyone to work on Multi-cloud once completed our course as per our guidelines & instructions.

● All our training is Online/Onsite, there is classroom-based training.
● AWS = Onsite/Online both options
● Azure Cloud = 100% Online
● DevOps = 100% Online
● Alibaba Cloud = 100% Online
● Google Cloud = Onsite/Online both options
● (All Onsite students will be moved to online if the trainer will be out of city/country).

All of our training is completed online, either through our Live Sessions and LMS. This means you have round the clock access to training no matter where you are. You do need a computer with internet access to begin the training.