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Linux Administrator Course Outline

System Specification:

– 2 GHz dual core processor or better.
– 4 GB system memory.
– 25 GB of free hard drive space.
– Internet access is helpful.

Application Requirement

– VMware: Download Now

– Virtual Box: Download Now

ISO Images:

– Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Download Now

– CentOS 7.4: Download Now

  • Objectives and Introduction to the course and instructor
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Introduction to linux distributions
  • The benefits of Linux
  • List of essential commands of linux
    • Objectives
    • Linux distribution
    • Installing Centos 7.5
    • Installing Ubuntu 18.04
    • Logging into linux
    • Shutting down system
    • Using the essential commands of linux
  • Objectives
  • Understanding Linux file system hierarchy
  • Navigating to different directories
  • Ways of using ls in linux
  • Cp file/directory from one location to another
  • Mv file/directory from one location to another
  • Deleting file/directory
  • Finding files command
  • Archiving files with tar
  • Managing file compression
  • Using Wildcard
    • List of text editors in linux
    • Understanding vi
    • Understanding difference between vi and vim
    • Creating text file with vi/vim
    • Browse the files with help of more and less
    • Command to see start and end of the file
    • Command to display file content
    • Usage of grep
    Examples of grep command
  • Objectives
  • Understanding Users
  • Understanding importance of root user and its vulnerability
  • Enabling root user and disabling root user
  • Using of su
  • Using sudo
  • Using ssh to connect to a remote user
  • Creating random user
  • Delete random user
  • Navigating random user’s directory
  • Updating random user password
  • Understanding file ownership
  • Command to create groups
  • Adding user to any group
  • Giving ownership to a file or directory
  • Checking user properties
  • Making user a sudo user
  • Understanding user and group configuration files
  • Objectives
  • Understanding basic linux permissions
  • Commands to manage basic linux permissions
  • Objectives
  • Understanding Linux storage management
  • Creating MBR and GPT partitions
  • Creating filesystem and mounting filesystems
  • Understanding swap and adding swap partition
  • Working with fstab configuration file
  • Objectives
  • Understanding of SSH
  • Configuring and Enabling SSH service
  • Creating SSH keys
  • Using Public/Private SSH keys
  • Command to copy files to remote server
  • Synchronization of directory
  • Objectives
  • Understanding of FTP and SFTP
  • Configuring FTP and SFTP
  • Objectives
  • Configuration of web service (Apache)
  • Managing web service log files
  • Configuring a virtual host for random website
  • Creating a test html file
  • Objectives
  • Understanding of Database
  • Different type of Databases
  • Installing Simple Database
  • Granting permission to a user with password
  • Delete user
  • Allowing access remotely and locally
  • Deleting database
  • Objectives
  • Understanding linux logging
  • Objectives
  • Understanding of process management
  • Tools to monitor processes
  • Monitoring process properties with ps
  • Process Kill
  • Objectives
  • Understanding of shell and other linux components
  • Working with history
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