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Students Terms and Conditions

Note Below Points very carefully:

1- All student attendance is monitored closely. Students must reach 75% attendance level in order to take the Final Exam conducted by the Sherdil Team and in order to get a Sherdil IT Academy Training Certificate.

2- Only those students will be allowed to join the next batch through good will who have more than 75% attendance in their registered course and still don’t manage to get more than 50% marks in Final Exam. Note that this feasibility is only applicable if there are vacant seats in the next batch. Any other students must not get over confident that they will be allowed to join the next batch free of cost.

3- If the student has decided to leave the course while the course is in progress, he/she will be refunded for *ONLY* the remaining classes.

4- Course registration to be completed before the starting date of course. Seats are reserved on a first come basis.

5- No discount is available on any course/material unless specified otherwise.

6- If any course is cancelled by the Academy, any fees submitted by students for that specific course will be refunded.

7- 50 % discount on MultiCloud courses is applicable for Undergraduate students of (Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering) residing in Pakistan only.

8- No discount available on Sherdil Learning Portal unless specified otherwise.

9- All instructors have the right to reschedule/cancel any class for any foreseen/unforeseen reasons. The course will be completed on defined calendar days.

10- Online classes are delivered through Big Blue Button and Google meet Meetings which is a paid solution from Sherdil IT Academy. BBB/GM doesn’t require students to register any account to attend classes.

11- All content present inside the Sherdil Learning portal is proprietary and not allowed to be downloaded unless informed otherwise. Students are requested to not ask instructors/mentors to allow downloading of training material.

12- Lifetime access is provided for the Sherdil Learning portal to all registered students.

13- Softcopy books are available for students in Sherdil Learning portal.

14- All classes are being delivered via Online Sessions only.

15- If any student’s fees are not received on time, his/her learning portal access will be revoked and classes will be suspended.

16- Sherdil IT Academy reserves the rights to make any changes to the course timings or schedules etc without any prior notice & decisions made by Academy Management will be final. Any other request made by any entity will not be entertained.

17- Course outline will be strictly followed without any additional topics. Unless the instructor is willing to add additional topics in the course within specific time.

18- AWS & other cloud Console access will be available only for 2 days after the session.(for example, if your session is on sunday, students will have access till Tuesday night, every week)

19- All classes & announcements will be based on Pakistan time (UTC+5). Students are requested to calculate with your own time Zone.

20- Namaz Break: Instructors have the right to take namaz breaks within class timings. If students need to take a break they can, along with their instructor. Students who have different time zones, can take namaz breaks during class.

21- If students leave the course during the session, Fee will be refunded after the deduction in fee as per the number of classes he/she has taken. If a student wants to hold the current batch, he/she needs to send an email with a genuine reason. Holding the course will also revoke the LMS access.

22- All students are requested to submit payment before 10th every month, otherwise these services will be revoked due to non payment

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23- Sherdil IT Academy management has rights to terminate any students with proper justification.

All students are responsible for their own career. You are paying from your own pocket and you should take the most advantage of the time and effort we are offering you. Team Sherdil focuses on helping students to get the most out of the courses offered, but if the students are not serious in taking the course and want to waste their time and money, it is entirely students’ choice.

If you are facing any issues in the course, please feel free to reach out to the Sherdil Team through academy groups or the advertised phone numbers.


Team Sherdil

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