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MultiCloud Adv. Network Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cloud computing
  • IP Addressing and Subnetting
  • AWS and GCP regions Zones
  • AWS VPC theoretical deep dive
  • Direct Connect Deep Dive
  • GCP Cloud network theoretical Deep dive
  • GCP Interconnect Deep Dive
  • Deploy an AWS VPC with public subnet using the dashboad
  • Deploy an AWS public & private network components using UI
  • Configure network security using Network ACL & Security group
  • Deployment of VPC Endpoint with Elastic Network Interface
  •  AWS Cloud formation theoretical Deep Dive
  • Deploy AWS VPC using Cloud formation JSON Code
  • Difference between GCP networking & another cloud platform.
  • Design a Google Cloud VPC with networking components using UI
  • Deploy a 2 tier GCP infrastructure using Cloud NAT
  • GCP IAM Theoretical deep dive & handson lab
  • Viewing Account IAm assignments
  • Defining Custom IAM Roles
  • Configuring Cloud Armour
  • Use Google Cloud peering to connect the cross-region VPCs.
  • GCP firewall, routing & multi-region deployment strategies.
  • AWS Intra region & cross-region VPC peering
  • Configure Network manager, VPC Flow logs & VPN encryption
  • Multi-cloud VPN tunnel deployment using Static routing
  • Multi-cloud VPN tunnel deployment using BGP routing
  • Verify both Static routing & BGP based VPN using EC2 & GCE VMS
  • Use Transit gateway to connect Multicloud VPN with multiple VPCs
  • Deploy & configure Cloud Router
  • Route 53 & ELB theoretical deep Dive
  • Security & Compliance white papers
  • Configure 2 ELB to load traffic using Route 53
  • Configure SSL with ELB
  • Configure Healthcheck, weight & failover routing using Route 53
  • Google HTTP & TCP load balancersTheoritical Deep Dive
  • GCP DNS Theoretical Deep Dive
  • Session affinity
  • Enabling & disabling Cloud CDN
  • Manage Cloud DNS Zones & records

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