Kubernetes 2 Days Bootcamp

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Getting started with Kubernetes

  • The big picture of K8s.
  • What is Kubernetes for?
  • Brief overview of other installations’ options
  • Kubernetes background & future
  • Introduction and Need & importance of Kubernetes

Containerization Need to Know

  • Microservices, What, Why, and How
  • Containerization and Kubernetes
  • Docker & Containers lifecycle
    • Working with Docker images
    • Pulling an image from the internet

Kubernetes: The Terminology

  • Overview of Kubernetes architecture & its main components
  • Cluster Architecture (Masters and worker nodes)
  • Brief overview of other installations’ options
  • Kubernetes core concepts:
    • Pods, Labels, Services, Persistent Data Volumes, Namespaces

Resources / API Objects

  • Deployments, jobs, and services
  • Pods, labels/selectors, replication controllers, services, API
  • Declarative vs imperative mode
  • Getting Started with YAML
  • Interacting with kubectl

Play with Kubernetes

  • Creating Kubernetes pods, volumes and deployments
  • Working on Some Key resources of Kubernetes
    • persistent volumes, pods, Deployment,
    • Strategies for creating and interacting with objects
    • Label selectors & filtering
    • Annotations

Service Types and Use Cases

  • Effective networking. Liveness Probes & Readiness Probes. Health checks.
  • Pod Lifecycles. Labels. Environment Variables

Application Deployment lab

  • Getting an application up and running
  • Deployment of applications and services on a Kubernetes

Shooting the troubles

  • Diagnosing and fixing common Kubernetes issues
    • Application/Node failure.
    • Networking issues.

Storage and Data Services with Security

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Getting Started with Kubernetes on EKS
  • Building A Kubernetes Cluster On EKS (demo)
  • Troubleshooting best practices
  • Guide to pass CKAD exam