Sherdil IT Academy

GCP Professional 5 Days Training

GCP Fundamentals

  • GCP Certification Road Map, Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Pub/Sub with Lab, Calculator
  • Regions & Availability Zones, Compute, Storage,
    Networking & database services Overview

Configuring access and security

  • Complete Design Lab
  • GCP IAM & Projects, Policies
  • Hands On — Create IAM users, IAM policies,
    Choose the best Security among multiple options
  • GCP Cloud storage overview
  • Hands On — Create and configure Cloud storage with types,

Deploy static websites, Object versioning and encryption,
Lifecycle policy

Deploying and implementing Compute Engine resources

  • GCP Virtual Private Cloud, Subnets & Routes(Firewalls),
    Elastic Network Interface
  • Hands On — Deploy Multi Zone GCP Virtual Private Cloud
  •  Compute Engine
  • GCP Compute Cloud, GCP Load balancer, GCP Auto Scaling
  • Hands On — Deploy Windows & Linux based VMs

bsites, Object versioning and encryption,
Lifecycle policy

Configuring security

  • Choose the best Security among multiple options

Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution

  • Stackdriver and monitoring overview
  • Hands On — Configuring operation and monitoring tools

GCP Databases

  • Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, BigQuery, Cloud SQL Lab, Cloud DNS
  • GCP Databases, MySQL and Postgre


  • Cloud Deployment Manager, Cloud Audit Logs
  • AppEngine, CloudShell, SDK, CloudRun
  • Hands On — AppEngine, CloudShell, SDK, CloudRun

Design Kubernetes Engine

  • Fundamentals and overview, Kubernetes Engine Cluster, Deployments,
    Node pools, Regional and multi-zone clusters, Networking.
  • Hands On — Design Kubernetes Clusters ,Regional and multi zoned clusters,

Case Studies

  • Terram Earth, Dress4Win, Mountrek games

Exam tips and tricks

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