Google cloud engineer Associate Course Outline

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Pre-Requisites Of Cloud

  • Basics of Security and Privacy
  • CapEX and OpEx in Cloud Computing
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • VPN- Virtual Private
  • Network
  • Data Center
  • DR site – Disaster Recovery
  • Mapping of on-prem Infrastructure setup to Cloud
  • Cloud TCO

GCP Prerequisites:

  • A strong foundation in Linux would be highly beneficial because it’s the popular operating system within GCP; GCP even has its own Linux distribution.
  • Knowing the basics of networking, especially how subnets work, will go a long way. A strong comfort in basic networking is key, because setting up VPC involves knowledge of routes, subnets, and rules. Think of GCP as an abstracted data center–you don’t need worry about the underlying hardware, however resources still need to interact with each other, and networking provides that in GCP.
  • A knowledge of virtualization is important because the same concepts used in on-premises solutions (VMWare, Citrix, Xen) will also apply in GCP. Virtualization is at the core of GCP; understanding how virtual machines or instances are used will enable users to maintain their Compute Engine-based ecosystem.

gcp associate cloud engineer

  • Certification Road map
  • Cloud computing basics
  • Signup & login Process
  • GCP Calculator
  • GCP Services Overview
  • Cloud Project & Billing (Theory + Hands-on Lab)
  • IAM (Theory + Hands-on Lab)
  • VPC Networks – Controlling Access with IAM Predefined Roles & Service Accounts
  • Cloud Shell + Cloud SDK (Theory)
  • Cloud Shell + Cloud SDK (Hands-on Lab)
  • GCP Cloud Storage (Theory) + Costing
  • GCP Cloud Storage (Hands-on Lab)
  • VPC Theory + VPC Lab
  • Google Compute Engine (Theory + Hands-on Lab)
  • Load balancing & Auto Scaling Cloud CDN (Theory)
  • Load balancing & Auto Scaling (Hands-on Lab)
  • Google App Engine (Theory + Hands-on Lab)