Enhance Azure Firewall policy management with Tufin SecureTrack integration

Enhance Azure Firewall policy management with Tufin SecureTrack integration

Organizations today are faced with growing network challenges with hundreds of network assets deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Daily tasks such as enabling access or troubleshooting network connectivity issues have become increasingly more complex and spread across different teams within the organization. In addition, organizations are asked to do more while keeping costs under control. Gaining full and clear visibility and control is needed for Network Security and Cloud Security teams to manage their fragmented networks, enforce security policies, work more efficiently, and reduce their attack surface caused by misconfigurations.

To help organizations address these challenges and achieve agility and security, Tufin announced integration with Azure Firewall to provide holistic security policy management within your Azure and hybrid environments.

Simplified and automated Azure Firewall policy management with Tufin SecureTrack

Tufin SecureTrack delivers real-time visibility and policy-driven, unified security across your hybrid and cloud environments. Azure Firewall integration with Tufin SecureTrack enhances your visibility and security while managing Azure Firewall policies. Key features to simplify and automate network security management across on-premises and cloud include policy automated audit trail and network topology visualization.

Automated audit trail

Keeping track of changes in the Firewall Policy is essential for various use cases—it allows you to reduce the attack surface by gaining visibility into misconfigurations and risky changes. In addition, you can easily identify each change and its deployment time and leverage this information to deploy a new Azure Firewall policy version when needed.

With Tufin SecureTrack, you can leverage automated audit trail to changes made to your Azure Firewall policy. In addition, you can compare different policy versions in an intuitive, side-by-side user interface, to quickly pin each exact change.

Network topology visualization

Having a clear picture of your network topology is required in modern and fast-changing networks to control potential risks and troubleshoot misconfigurations. Maintaining such network mapping manually is a time-consuming task that involves various teams. Even with such a map in hand, it is still difficult to tell if a specific network connection is allowed and in which path.

With Tufin SecureTrack, you can leverage live and automated network topology maps, generated by the configuration of your Azure Firewall and other network assets. This map allows you to simulate a path analysis of a specific network connection, based on your network topology and applied policy rules, for both East and West and North and South traffic. Tufin visualizes how the traffic flows based on the routing and networking configuration, and whether the access is allowed or blocked based on the security configuration.

Source: azure.microsoft.com


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