AWS DevOps 2 Days Bootcamp

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds



  • Basic IT (Information Technology) Knowledge

  • An understanding of networking concepts

  • Hardware /Software required

  • PC /Laptop with minimum 08 GB RAM and Virtualisation features

  • Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare

Who can join:

  • This course is for people and teams who want to learn DevOps foundation from basics to intermediate level.

  • Developers / Operations Engineers

  • IT Project Team

  • IT Students

1. Docker:

  • Theory – In detail
  • Lab – installation, pull any docker image from docker hub , create the container from it, make some changes in it and push it in docker hub

2. CI/CD:

  • Theory – Introduction, Services


  • Theory : in detail
  • Lab –  installation, deploy docker image to aws ecr using Jenkins pipeline


  • Theory: introduction, repo intro, github action intro
  • Lab: Deploy docker image to aws ecr  and deploy it to ecs cluster using github action

AWS Code pipeline:

  • Theory : introduction
  • Lab: intro in console, Push docker image to Aws ECR through AWS CICD


  • Theory: introduction
  • Lab: Intro in console, deploy ecr image in ecs cluster


  • Theory: In detail
  • Lab: Eks cluster intro, worker node , connect eks cluster in ec2 instance

Helm Chart:

  • Theory: In detail
  • Lab: Installation, download repo in it


  • Theory: In detail
  • Lab: Installation, how to establish connection b/w server and node, ansible playbook

Cloud formation:

  • Theory: Introduction
  • Lab: Cloud formation code to create vpc with high availability