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Alibaba 2in1 Course Outline

  • Overview of Alibaba Cloud Services
  • Alibaba Cloud certification Roadmap & pricing
  • Alibaba Cloud Regions and Availability Zones
  • Signup & login Alibaba Cloud Account

●  Design a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in detail
●  Route, Routing table & Subnets
●  Configure NAT Gateway
●  Optional Components with VPC
●  Design a complete VPC with HA (Complete Lab)
●  VPC Final Review with Exam Discussion
●  Server Load Balancer (SLB) in detail
●  Alibaba Cloud CDN & Alibaba Cloud DNS in detail

●  Alibaba ECS essentials & Components
●  ECS Scale in, Scale-up VS Scale-out the concept
●  Launch ECS with Template & Custom Image
●  Block Storage devices Types & Its Encryption
●  Private, Public & Elastic IP Address
●  Create and Launch ECS Linux & Windows Instance
●  Create Image & Snapshot
●  Server Load balancer (SLB) & Autoscaling concepts
●  Create an ECS Instance using AS Group
●  ECS & AS group Q/A & discussions

●  Object Storage Service (OSS) essentials & components
●  OSS Permissions (Bucket Policies)
●  OSS Storage Types (Standard, IA, Archive)
●  Website hosting with OSS
●  Object Storage Service (OSS) exams Q/A discussions

●  RDS essentials
●  RDS LAB (MySql)

●  RAM essentials and best practices
●  RAM Policies, MFA and Roles
●  RAM users and groups
●  Create a user, group with RAM policies (Lab)
●  RAM Exam Q/A Discussions
●  Cloud Monitor

●  Alibaba cloud china gateway intro

●  Game Shield (Network security)
●  DDoS Protection (Basic, Pro, Premium) [Network security]
●  Cloud Firewall (Network security)
●  Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificate Service (Application security)
●  Web Application Firewall (WAF) [Application security]
●  Server Guard (Server security)
●  ActionTrail

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